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Intercom systems make your security complete

The ultimate safety for your family

Automatic gates are not complete without communication from your gates to inside your home. We have been installing intercoms in Melbourne for nearly 30 years. Video interoms with picture memory and an integrated key pad offer the ulltimate convenience and security.



Aiphone have an amazing range of both audio and video intercom systems and continually improve the quality and features of their products.


Slim designs with touch screens or light touch buttons make it very simple to see the visitor at the gate. Many systems come with an integrated key pad on a flush fitting stainless steel plate that is ideal to fit into a rendered or brick column.




  • JP Model expands up to 4 gates or doors and 8 internal stations
  • 7 inch colour touch screen
  • picture memory to record 6 images per call


Our process

After filling out our Easy Quote Form, we respond within 24 hours to confirm. We visit your home to assess your needs and recommend the best intercom for your home.


Automatic Gates also can provide many accessories to customise your gate.


Quick and dedicated client service

Depending on the electrical work, in most cases, we can install your new intercom in around 10 working days. Installation of gate automation at the same time always make things run a little smoother and simplifies the amount of digging to bury cables and ccnduit in the ground.


Our dedicated electrician is always on hand to take care of all of the electrical work and the simplest service and maintenance job.


Need an intercom to complete your security?

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